Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby

Some people ask me if I have trouble finding these Christmas songs every year and the answer is an emphatic 'No!'. What I do find difficult though, is leaving stuff off by artists who could quite easily fill an advent calendar every year on their own. Such a person in the blessed Kate Rusby - someone I saw just this very eve in another part of town.

Kate has produced a handful of essential and wonderful Christmas albums and could quite easily get on here every year - particularly with her lovely rendition of popular Carols - as it is I've decided to go with BBB not because it's indicative of her usual output - it's not! - but purely because it's not like anything else you'll hear this year, it's got a brass band, a lovely video to accompany it and it is utterly, utterly charming. 

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