Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Day 17 - Santa's Comin' Down The Chimney - Confidence Man

I often get stopped in town. "Tell me Blagg," they say "when do you start looking for these Christmas songs?" 

Well, the answer is, sadly, long before any sane man should be expected to start, but sometimes I do get some help. For example, I know when and where I was when I heard this one by Australian Indie, electro-pop outfit Confidence Man. 

It was Thursday, September 19th - a good month to six weeks before I'd normally start to think about these things; indeed it was the last day of the English Cricket season. I'd just spent the day watching the mighty Essex CCC clinch the County Championship and was celebrating in the lounge with the cats when this pinged into my inbox from my Antipodean chum Haz. 'I found this little ditty' he said and Christmas had started.

So, having waited a full three months, let's all join together now: 'Milk and Cookies by the tree / Comin' down the chim-er-ney'

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